About Us

These days, sales, marketing tactics and technology are advancing at breakneck speeds. It’s busy and complicated out there, and it’s hard to keep up while running your business. Vende is straightforward and direct. We’ll navigate those waters for you so you can focus on achieving success.

Relationships are everything. You need to work with the right people, and that’s where we come in. Genuine, smart connections lead to enduring partnerships, and we help companies build relationships that thrive.

What We Do

Vende is your connection. We act as your adviser—connecting you to leading- edge sales and marketing solutions and creating cost-effective partnerships between businesses and the services they need to produce exceptional results. We work hard to understand your business and marketing goals and can align you with the specialized experts to help you achieve success, however it may be measured.

We can help you with any or all of the following:

Maintaining and engaging your customer base.

Navigating and maximizing the ever evolving landscape of traditional advertising and marketing platforms.

Keeping current with emerging specialized platforms, such as augmented and virtual reality.

Managing your time as you deal with a multitude of specialty providers.

Understanding and interpreting whether your strategies are working.

In short, we’re the “Connectors.”

We can connect you to the services you need:

Strategic marketing and advertising

Social media management and content creation

Brand and visual identity development

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Digital and traditional media buying and sponsorship

Print and graphic design

Website and application development and search engine optimization

Video production for online, in-house and broadcast television

3D modelling and animation for video and film

Michael Bowman

Managing Partner

Michael Bowman is Vende’s Managing Partner, and a powerhouse when it comes to sales and management. A lifelong passion for learning drives his quest to be at the forefront of the latest trends and ideas. From on-the-street direct selling to launching big and small companies across wide industry sectors, his nearly 40 years of diverse experience fuels Vende to be the best “connector” in the business.

He thrives on open-minded, forward thinking leadership, and is inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit in others that he channels so closely in his own life. A family man at heart, he loves spending time with his kids, playing sports, jamming on the guitar and binge watching Netflix in his free time.